Published by Dr. Tracy A Norris, DC, CCEP, Cert. MDT on Feb 22nd 2019

Could Your Pain Be Rapidly Responsive? - Absolutely!

RAPID RESPONSIVE PAIN™ (i, ii) is a phenomenon in which pain rapidly resolves, range of motion rapidly increases or function rapidly improves in response to simple, repeated directional movements during the assessment or treatment phase. Treatments are based on one of the most researched conservative approaches to musculoskeletal problems available (iv).

So, How Does It Work? - Forces on our spine and joints in daily life, such as improper posture, trauma, repetitive tasks and deconditioned states, can cause DEFORMATION OF CRITICAL TISSUES, such as bulged discs that can cause pain and obstruction to normal motion.

Tissue deformation is like having a bunch of wrinkle up damaged tissue inside your joint which keeps you from moving normally due to pain, and can become a source of recurrent pain until the obstruction is remodeled.

A History and Exam Will Determine Whether Your Pain Will Respond Rapidly To Treatment... If repetitive movements in one certain direction reduces or abolishes your symptoms during an exam, you have a DIRECTIONAL PREFERENCE and if radiating pain in the extremities moves more toward the mid line (Centralizes) (iv), you are classified as a RESPONDER (iii), have a good prognosis (iv) and your pain may be...


Not all painful conditions are RAPIDLY RESPONSIVE. In fact, some conditions are persistent, some get worse and some are not reversible at all. Less frequently, pain can be due to serious pathology, which must be ruled out. -- You Won't Know, Unless You Are Tested.

Conditions that could possibly be responsive to simple therapeutic exercises are; lower back pain, neck pain, headaches,sciatica, pain that radiates into the arm or leg, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain.

To Determine Whether Your Pain Is Classified as RAPIDLY RESPONSIVE, call or contact us for an appointment.

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