Lower Back Pain Treatment in Wichita Kansas

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Wichita Kansas

Published by Dr. Tracy A Norris, DC, CCEP, Cert. MDT on Aug 9th 2019

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Lower Back Pain Treatment in Wichita KansasClearly, lower back pain is a widespread problem. It will affect the majority of adults at some point in their lives. In fact, "low back pain should be viewed as a chronic problem with an untidy pattern of grumbling symptoms and periods of relative freedom from pain and disability interspersed with acute episodes, exacerbations and recurrences" (Croft et al. 1998). The largest risk factor of having back pain is a prior occurrence of back pain. 

The course of lower back pain is frequently full of episodes, persistence, flare-ups, re-occurrences and chronicity.  Therefore successful management should be aimed at short-term symptomatic relief in addition to providing the patient with the tools and knowledge they need to be able to self-treat themselves for future similar occurrences .

When viewing lower back pain from the perspective of a lifetime of occasional episodes and recurrences, it is logical to approach treatment of lower back pain from a management standpoint, rather than a curative one. When a patient seeks care for back pain from a doctor, the doctor should offer long-term self-management strategies to the patient as well as short-term symptomatic relief.  It may be suggested, that a doctor that does otherwise, and treats the patient for short-term gain only with passive modalities (manipulation, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, cold and heat treatments, traction, decompression traction or medications), and does not equip the patient with the tools and knowledge that they need to self-manage their own symptoms is ill-conceived and is not in the patient's best interest. If lower back pain is very common, persistent, often episodic and resistant to easy remedy, it is time patients were fully empowered to deal with these problems in an optimal and realistic fashion (Robin McKenzie, Dr. Stephen May, "The Lumbar Spine, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy" Vol.1, p29).

At Wichita Pain Center, we offer this empowerment to our patients by teaching patients to treat their own low back pain.

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