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Headache Treatment in Wichita Kansas by Doctor Tracy A. Norris at Wichita Pain Center

Dr. Tracy A. Norris is a Chiropractor, Certified Extremity Practitioner and Certified in McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy who treats headaches. At Wichita Pain Center, we serve patients in and around the Wichita Kansas area, with Chiropractic care and we teach our patients to treat their own pain. We encourage active patient participation in their care in restoring function and reducing pain by using learned self-management protocols and prescribed, specific exercises to affect and gain control over your own headache symptoms. Call for a free headache pain consultation and talk directly with Wichita Chiropractor Dr. Tracy Alan Norris regarding your headache symptoms. Ask all the questions you want to discover whether your headache suffering can be controlled, stopped or eliminated without harmful opioid drugs or surgery.  

Free Headache Consultation with Wichita Chiropractor Dr. Tracy Alan Norris at Wichita Pain Center in Wichita Kansas

Headache Q & A


What Types of Headaches Are There?

Types of Headaches

The types of headaches that are the most common and are treatable with conservative methods is Cervicogenic headaches, headache pain that is referred from the neck into the head.

What are the Headache Red Flags That Can Indicate Serious Pathology?

One particular red flag is not necessarily indicative of a serious pathology, however multiple red flags indicates increased risk.

Red Flag Indicators for Serious Pathology Causing Headaches


What are Cervicogenic Headaches?

Cervicogenic Headaches - Headache pain referred from the neck


What are the Symptoms of Cervicogenic Headaches?

Symptoms of Cervicogenic Headaches


What are Frequent Causes of Headache?

 Posture affects neck and headache pain

Commonly headaches simply come on for no reason, as headaches conditions are usually caused by improper sitting posture. By correcting the sitting posture and doing therapeutic movements in the opposite direction of the bad posture can be very helpful if the headache is being referred from the neck.

 Aggravating Positions for Neck Pain and Headaches

Aggravating positions for neck and headache pain

Postures during our daily activities are the cause of most headaches. Sitting at our computers and using our phones for hours on end result in not only neck pain and headaches but actually deform the tissue causing longer term issues. Proper posture habits can help relieve headache pain.

Bad Neck Posture Over Time Causes Neck Tissue to Deform and Results in Headaches

Deformation of ligaments, muscles and discs from long term improper posture of the neck causes Cervicogenic Headaches

Similar to the famous memory foam pillow handprint, the tissue in the neck deforms in the same way when improper posture occurs for extended times. This deformation of tissue can result in neck pain, headaches and loss of neck motion. In order to correct this type of deformation, remodeling therapeutic movements must be performed several times per day in the correct direction necessary to reform the tissue, restore mobility and reduce pain.


How Do I Find Out If My Headaches Can Be Helped?

To understand whether your neck pain or headache pain can be helped with conservative treatment, a positional and repetitive movement examination is required to discover if there is a position or movement that relieves your pain.

The examination will reveal whether your headache pain responds to repetitive movements or static positions. If your pain is found to be relieved by these tests, it is likely that you have a Cervicogenic headache, which can be conservatively treated in the clinic and with self-treatment at home that is prescribed by your doctor, after headache red flags for other, more pathological headaches have been ruled out.



Can I Self-Treat My Headache?

Feeling better with headache treatment from Wichita Pain Center by Dr. Tracy A Norris, DC, CCEP, CERT. MDT




After a thorough history and examination our doctors can determine whether your headache is treatable with the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®. If so, you will be provided the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to not only treat your own headaches, but be able to prevent, or treat future episodes.

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Results vary as each condition is unique. Not all painful conditions can be relieved or functionality be improved , regardless the type of treatment

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