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Headache Treatment in Wichita Kansas by Doctor Tracy A. Norris at Wichita Pain Center

Dr. Tracy A. Norris is a Chiropractor, Certified Extremity Practitioner and Certified in McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy who treats headaches. At Wichita Pain Center, we serve patients in and around the Wichita Kansas area, with Chiropractic care and we teach our patients to treat their own pain. We encourage active patient participation in their care in restoring function and reducing pain by using learned self-management protocols and prescribed, specific exercises to affect and gain control over your own headache symptoms.


Headache Q & A

What are Frequent Causes of Headache?

Commonly headaches simply come on for no reason, as headaches conditions are usually caused by improper sitting posture. However, headaches can be caused by other medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

What Can Be Done For Headaches?

Upper neck motion is evaluated with a repetitive movements test which will discover if there is a specific direction of movement, that when repeated, improves headache pain.


Can I Self-Treat My Headache?

Our doctors can determine whether there are some simple,yet specific exercise movements that you can do at home to use for self-treatment. We also will provide you the tools to help you in maintenance and prevention.







Results vary as each condition is unique. Not all painful conditions can be relieved or functionality be improved , regardless the type of treatment

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