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Dr. Tracy A. Norris is a Chiropractor, Certified Extremity Practitioner and Certified in McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy who treats Sciatica and radiating leg pain. At Wichita Pain Center, we serve patients in and around the Wichita Kansas area, with Chiropractic care and we teach our patients to treat their own Sciatic pain. We encourage active patient participation in their care in restoring function and reducing pain by using learned self-management protocols and prescribed, specific exercises to affect and gain control over your own Sciatica symptoms.

Sciatica Q & A

What are Frequent Causes of Sciatic Pain?

Commonly Sciatica simply comes on for no reason, as lower back conditions are usually an accumulation of traumas that all of a sudden show up as pain. The most common cause is disc herniation or bulging which comes on over time due to cracking and tears within the disc allowing the center of the disc to leak out and even herniate through the outer portion of the disc.  The herniation, is aggravated by certain activities, positions and movements during your daily life However, Sciatica can be caused by known events such as slips and falls, lifting accidents, auto accidents and work-related accidents. 

  • Disc Herniations
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Sciatica - Radiating Leg Pain
  • Serious Spinal Pathology

Does Sciatic Pain Always Require Surgery?

It is surprising the number of un-necessary surgeries that are found in the research. In the U.S., fusion surgeries have increased dramatically over the past few decades, strikingly similarly timed with compensation from insurance companies allowing the service. Conditions like disc herniation's and bulges, degenerative disc disease that are found by MRI, CAT scan or x-ray are not necessarily directly linked with back pain. Many with degeneration and disc herniation's don't have symptoms at all.  So how do you determine if you need surgery or don't need surgery? A thorough examination by one of our doctors can determine if the disc or degeneration condition you have is causing the pain or not and whether your condition can be helped with conservative measures, without surgery.


Can I Self-Treat My Own Sciatica?

Our doctors need to determine the cause of your sciatic pain and whether your condition will respond to conservative care prior to considering surgery as a last option. Since Sciatica can be caused by disc herniations and other, more concerning issues, the examination is meant to rule out any "red flags" that may be present prior to beginning any treatment. Sciatica caused by disc herniation and bulging can be treated conservatively most of the time, as long as the disc has retained it's integrity (internal hydrostatic pressure).







Results vary as each condition is unique. Not all painful conditions can be relieved or functionality be improved, regardless the type of treatment

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